📬 In this newsletter we want to extract strength from weakness and move forward with all the initiatives that do not give up. With all the people that already believed in their ideas, now they see that it is necessary to start it more than ever.

✊ Here we bring community agitation, historical memory and feminism in equal rights. When we see it is so true that #WinterIsComing we also remember what Albert Camus wrote: "In the depth of winter, I learned that there is an invincible summer inside me."

Objetivo Venus 🌐

👴 Objetivo Venus It is a community agitation project that is born from the foundations of the Venus building, located in the neighborhood of La Mina (Sant Adrià del Besòs) and that seeks political and media shaking.

🏚 A building of official protection of special regime for which the Plan of Integral Transformation of the territory ruled almost 20 years ago its demolition and the relocation of its inhabitants. A building that continues standing, degrading its foundations and the dignity of the people who live in it, and giving shelter to all the social conflicts that are concentrated in the neighborhood of La Mina.

💪 After almost two decades of fighting the administration, those affected by the Venus block are halfway to freedom. With hardly any resources and with a great need to gather energy, they launch this campaign of collective financing with a clear objective: to raise 9,000 euros that will allow them to continue with a judicial process that can end their particular sentence. Help them get it by contributing at Objetivo Venus.

Billy el Documental 🎥

💥 Tortures, dirty war, medals, impunity ... "Billy" was born as a fiction project, like a film that intended to travel to the past from our present through the figure of the torturer in Franco era, Antonio González Pacheco, aka Billy the Child. Max Lemcke's original plan was discarded after RTVE, A3 and Movistar decided not to finance the film, despite their initial interest.

🗄 After the failed attempt to make a fiction film based on the character of Billy the Child, in CTXT they decide to co-produce a documentary with the stories of people who are willing to tell us their experiences lived in front of the torturer. Currently, González Pacheco leads a comfortable retirement life: a symbol of transition misrepresented and not yet completed.

📚 The intentions of the documentary are not revenge. The goal is to look back the memory as a bridge to continue moving forward, as a meeting place with the other. Many are the wounds that have not healed. Many are the ghosts of a dark time that is becoming more and more present in our days. You can collaborate from € 1 at Billy, El Documental.

Sin ellas no hay nosotras 📣

💜 The project ¨Sin ellas no hay nosotras(Without them there are not us)¨ has not only a very special title...it is a book project that aims to connect the achievements of today's women with the struggles of women in the past. A book dedicated to the Spanish women who have made and continue to make history, illustrated by 17 renowned artists.

🙋‍♀ The objectives are: to connect the struggles and feminist achievements of today with those of yesterday, giving meaning to what we all do; make visible the biographies of pioneers forgotten by patriarchal history; empower the readers (with special attention to the youngest) and raise awareness among the readers; give work not only emergig but also devoted authors and illustrators, and finally, contribute to the creation of a truly independent community (and also, why not, of an industry) editorial co-financed by its readers and readers rather than by large corporations.

✊ If you are one of the many people who want to understand what past struggles are based on today's feminist achievements, as well as starting the youngest in reading the achievements of the movement, you can now enter Sin Ellas No Hay Nosotras

For great evils...

Great remedies! What is the cause of evil? Well, here we are to reinforce ourselves and put new tools at your disposal.

In early December we will launch a webinar to help you further prepare your campaigns.

In this conference/workshop that we will do online where you can interact with one of our consultants and our social communication manager to know all the necessary steps to prepare and launch your project on our website.

It will be completely interactive, so as questions arise, you can ask them and we will answer them in live. We are sure that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to launch yourself, so we will communicate the date through all possible channels.

A lightning, a light, a lighthouse

The lighthouse is, has been and will be a metaphor for infinite feelings. The lighthouse sits on the mainland and is a reference for those who cross the wild waters of the oceans. Its light connects us with the solid, with the real.

The headlights fulfill their function at night, where we have lost our visual references. In the foggy days. When the coast is not glimpsed.

Wrote the poet Alfonsina Storni that it is in the heart where the light is. And since we agree with her, we wish you clarity to see him and a lot of strength to follow his instructions. Here we will be to support you in all your projects for the improvement of society so that they come to fruition.

See you in fifteen days! A hug.