💔 This Monday the judgement on the events of October 1st was announced. Leaders of #Procès face a decade deprived of freedom. Fundación Goteo believe that under this decision, civil disobedience will suffer and we will have to defend it when it comes to fighting against the next round of austerity ahead.

📬 In this newsletter we defend freedoms through the initiatives of organizations of legal defense, free-honest media and change makers, towards the empowerment of a # Democratic Footprint and #Social Footprint that makes us more responsible for handling our rights, duties and freedom.

Iridia 🌐

🆘 In Irídia Centre they provide a legal and psychosocial support service for free to victims of police violence. They offer psycho-legal advice and accompany all the cases that come to them that, only during 2018, became 116. They also assume legal representation and psychosocial support throughout the procedure of the most serious and/or representative cases.

👩‍💻 Currently, there are 40 cases relating to the victims of police violence on October 1st, in the context of demonstration, human rights violations at the Center for Foreigners' Custody in Barcelona, ​​in the public space or in police station. They also represent cases of institutional violence and deaths in custody in prison.

⚖ In order to continue defending human rights, become an Irídia member or campaign member Support 1O and More


🖋 The Trade Union of Journalists of Catalonia wants to defend the rights of workers in the information and communication sector by guaranteeing decent labor conditions, respect for deontology, ethics and journalistic independence; also the Right to Information of citizenship.

🏛 Without free, independent and rigorous journalism it is very difficult to defend the rest of the rights: the right to health, education, housing, justice, social care, work, quality public services . Without free journalism there is no democracy.

💪 Its precariousness is our disinformation and you can do something in SPC - A Decent Journalism

Cuarto Poder 📣

🙌 In the current media overview, an important challenge is to do independent journalism. For almost ten years, CuartoPoder.es has maintained its commitment to the social interest above any other when it comes to journalism and to inform about what is happening around us. What moves them are their readers.

🗞 Therefore, they request your support to promote the project, continue growing and implement some innovative strategies. The money raised in this campaign will be used to strengthen the team to cover new issues and expand the volume of information on the development of cities, the climate crisis and the labor struggle.

✊ To be independent, they have to be viable.¿You join the Cuarto Poder?

Free Media Fosters

Taking all these circumstances into account, we want to remind and thank the work done by other important media. Your daily effort is our hope in a democratic and wise society.

Thank you very much and long life to La Marea, El Diario, El Salto, Civio... (and much more...)

See you in fifteen days. Until next time!