The course begins and we collect everything sown in spring to continue promoting cultural projects in the city of Barcelona! With the First Edition of #CanalFic, in Fundación Goteo, in collaboration with the Fabra Creation Factory (FiC) and the ICUB, we facilitate the financing of projects for current residents of the FiC. This initiative combines collective financing (crowdfunding), through the Goteo platform, with the institutional support of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB). The Goteo Foundation will provide specialized attention from the team for the drafting and final design of the campaign as well as all the support for its promotion and dissemination.

Here we have the first couple of projects that will have a € 2,000 bag available (matchfunding) each to complement the monetary contributions that you, as a citizen, contribute to their crowdfunding campaigns. The mechanics are simple, when they have reached the support of more than 50 co-financiers and the sum reaches € 2,000, another € 2,000 will be provided from this matcher, doubling what was achieved. It is a unique opportunity for your contribution to be worth double, take advantage of it!

He ran with his comrade

"He ran alongside his comrade" is the story of an elderly businessman in search of popularity. Evade taxes but practice philantorpia, understanding solidarity in a personal way. Thus, the protagonist will dedicate himself to generating problems for people in order to help them.

The short film draws on the tradition of the classic cartoon, which aimed to distract the viewer and offer a visual spectacle. For this reason the characters react impulsively and histrionically to impulses such as vanity or envy.

However, the short film also caricatures issues that have to do with today's society, such as competitiveness, short-termism, obsession with the image we project, or the absurdity of philanthropy that coexists with tax engineering.

Here we leave you a small sample of his work so that you can open your mouth;) Enter and participate in He ran with his comrade!

Electro Prepared Piano DJ Set

Taking the prepared piano as a hallmark, the pianist and composer Juan J. Ochoa fuses tradition with the avant-garde, building bridges between classical and contemporary music, sound art or electronic club music.

Six years in London, knowing the latest trends in electronic music inspired him to experiment and merge different ways of playing and composing with the piano, using materials and objects inside, entering a world of sound until now almost unknown. But how can you get closer to this musical universe?

Enjoy his promotional video, start exploring his networks and contribute in Electro Prepared Piano DJ Set!

Made the presentations, to give them all the support!