🤗 Amidst submarines, mercenaries, and piranhas, it's important to know that we were initially going to title this newsletter with a "To hell with all of you!" (As a certain politician recently stated here)😅 . But after the storm passed, calmness prevailed, accompanied by some good laughs, and we reminded ourselves that we wouldn't lose our composure, or perhaps just a little bit.

😊 With the chosen expression, we ultimately want to remind everyone that our reactions are always within our hands. In the face of every setback, we can reclaim the right to a dignified life and self-organization, defending it through direct actions to preserve it.

📬 That's why in this newsletter, we present three projects that uphold both the right and the reverse: to continue living in a respectful rural environment with job opportunities after experiencing a fire; to enhance the quality of life through sustainable solar energy, leaving behind other pollutants such as kerosene; and to hold accountable those responsible for diverting funds intended for elderly care facilities to tax havens. Thank you for standing with us, and as a bonus, here's a palindrome to remind you that sometimes things can be read the same forwards and backwards: "The path brought us another natural step!"

Bejis from Black to Green 🏡

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🔥In the fire that occurred in Bejís on August 15, 2022, 19,159 hectares of farmland and forest were devastated by the flames, causing significant losses to the natural landscape, soil, biodiversity, olive trees, almond trees, carrascas, as well as the projects and dreams of an entire population.

🥰 The cooperative of Bejís, founded in 1947 by 42 members and currently consisting of 170 members, aims to reinvest and reactivate the land, avoiding abandonment and its negative consequences. It will bring together all the at-risk plots to be cultivated through the Cooperative, thereby preventing their abandonment, contributing to the rural agricultural development of the area, and generating new job opportunities.

📚 If you want to collaborate in promoting sustainable development practices and fostering replicable initiatives in neglected environments, support them at goteo.cc/bejisdelnegroalverde.

Solar Energy against Energy Poverty 🌞

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👁️Solar Crowd is a crowdfunding platform for solar energy projects where anyone can contribute and support projects that provide solar energy access in electricity-deprived areas and combat energy poverty.

🤗 This campaign is the culmination of their journey since 2021, during which they have supported over 15 solar energy projects worldwide, positively impacting the lives of over 42,000 people. They aim to continue their mission while building a community of thousands committed to universal access to solar energy.

🌿 The ultimate goal is to ensure access to simple solar energy systems in the most remote and impoverished communities of Honduras, benefiting over 15,000 individuals. Contributions will be used to acquire solar panels, batteries, and other necessary materials to provide solar energy solutions that replace candles, kerosene lamps, and gasoline generators. Join the mission at goteo.cc/contrapobrezaenergetica.

Help us put them in prison ⚖️

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🗣️ After 12 and a half years of arduous struggle, Afectadas BB Serveis are about to learn the date of the trial, which is expected to be long and complex. They are facing BB Serveis, a company that, after opening nursing homes and receiving grants for the care of the elderly, diverted 35 million euros to tax havens.

🫂 The workers in the nursing homes, mostly women, performed heroic work without receiving adequate payment, without resources, and faced difficulties in taking care of the elderly, even inventing improvised solutions.

✊ This campaign calls for solidarity to support and contribute to the legal process in the BB Serveis case. Your financial contribution can make a difference and help ensure that justice is served and those responsible are held accountable for their actions at goteo.cc/afectadasbbserveis.

New LGTBIQ+ Channel 🌈

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🤗Are you looking for funding for your collective? At Fundación Platoniq/Goteo, we Continue celebrating Pride Month with the dedicated channel launched at the beginning of the month: goteo.cc/lgtbiq, where we celebrate and advocate for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. Here, you will find ongoing and successful projects to inspire you and launch new initiatives as well.

✊🏽 As you may already know, we work every day to achieve a safe, equal, and equitable environment. There is much to be done, so we are convinced that our greatest contribution is to support those who are committed to continue moving forward.

😌 Furthermore, we invite participating projects to apply for the LGTBIQ+ Channel 2023 call, as they can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Inclusion of the campaign in the channel as an aggregating space to give visibility to LGTBIQ+ projects.
  • 1-hour personalized advisory session via video call, along with support from our advisory team, starting from the project creation phase.
  • Special promotion of the campaign on social media and in Goteo's biweekly newsletter.

ℹ The only requirement to be part of the call is to have created the project on Goteo before July 20th. It is not necessary to launch the campaign before that date; having a first version of the project is sufficient.

🌈 Happy Pride Day, Month, and 365 days!

And you?

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😙Do you think that crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organization? Support us so that we can continue to disseminate our knowledge among initiatives that need financing and give a significant boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our campaign #Síguenoslacorriente and you can request a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding in your community.

See you in 15 days! 😜

That's all for now. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep moving towards the society for all that we are slowly approaching. See you next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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