🤗 If improving our lives and our world can be considered an adventure and there are those who say that "adventure is not something that is sought, but something that is found"... Are we at Goteo a community seeking to improve the world or a community where the world comes to us so that we can improve it?

🛟 This week, in the editorial office, a similar question arose: did you set out to be an activist or was it something you stumbled upon? From this, we have shared dozens of experiences in which you would surely see yourself reflected, such as that of someone who, as a child, witnessed an injustice in the street and decided to intervene at that moment; or that of someone who, as an adult, had been observing how their neighborhood was gradually deteriorating and had recently been organizing with other neighbors to reverse the trend. Were we already looking to intervene in both cases, or was it something we stumbled upon and that transformed us?

😊 As you can imagine, we don't have the answer, so if you have any ideas on the matter, we would love to hear them. For our part, we will continue to give it our all in this search and encounter.

📬 And in today's newsletter, we give voice to three wonderful adventures! Movie and theater lovers united to save a historic neighborhood space, reopening it with strengthened new disciplines and a focus on introducing local authors; a team of documentarians heading to the top of the world to learn about and raise awareness of individual and collective responsibility in exploring the territory; and an entire small and determined village united by their love of the land and inherited knowledge, with a present proposal to continue giving life to the community. The Camera of Adventures has been opened!

Espai Texas 🎭

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🎭 After 3 years closed, a group of professionals linked to the world of cinema and theater want to reopen the Texas cinemas, to transform them into a broader cultural space.

😊 It will be a unique space in Barcelona, maintaining two of the movie theaters and converting the other two into a single performance space, a theater with 200 seats where Catalan will be the central axis of the films, along with a theater dedicated to contemporary Catalan playwrights, but also open to new disciplines, always with a popular aspect.

🎬 To achieve this, it is necessary to get all the machinery up to date, build two new tiers, and purchase technical equipment for the theater to make it a comfortable, friendly, and sustainable space. Among its rewards, you will find special offerings such as the opportunity to take home a couple of seats from the old Texas Cinema! Join the project at goteo.cc/espaitexas

EVEREST: Summit Price 🏔️

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🎭 Who pays the consequences for the recklessness of adventurers? The documentary Summit Price wants to be filmed on Everest, to explore the relationship between courage and unnecessary risk.

🎬 It will present a story that not only entertains but also educates and promotes social commitment, to convey the importance of being aware of the consequences of our actions, and how they can affect the people and communities around us, through the exploration of the world of climbing and mountaineering, seeking to promote dialogue about individual and collective responsibility, ethics, and decision-making.

👁️ We hope that this film has a lasting impact on culture, inspiring people to reflect on their own decisions and their impact on the world, inviting you to become a co-financier in the project goteo.cc/everest.

Cooperativa Puerta de Muniellos de Moal 👥

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💪 In the 21st century, industrialization has emptied and left without a future most of the villages in Asturias, but not all have given up. One of them is Moal, a small village whose neighbors organized and created a cooperative to recover their crops and cope with abandonment. The first action: to build a small multifunctional building to gather, offer food and sell their local products such as honey, soap, bread, and sausages.

🤗 Thus, 21 years ago, the first women's association in Moal decided to create a cooperative to give young people the opportunity to stay and live in the village and have a job. Since then, the cooperative has served to carry out economic activities in the village and attract people, avoiding leaving everything abandoned. Although some young people have to go to study outside, the possibility of returning and working in Moal gives them hope and optimism for the future.

👉 Moal is an example of how organization and cooperation can help revive villages abandoned by industrialization and offer a future opportunity to new generations, and today you can strengthen their project to be an example for many others in goteo.cc/cooperativapuertamuniellos.

Would you dare to become a project advisor at Goteo? 🤗

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Hello there! Do you love what we do as much as we do? Well, now is the time to join our team! We are looking to expand our team with a new social impact crowdfunding campaign advisor. If you're passionate about social change and excited about the power of crowdfunding, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We are looking for someone with experience in planning and executing crowdfunding campaigns, as well as effective communication and public relations skills. We also value a creative mind and an innovative approach to addressing challenges and opportunities.

As an advisor, you will work closely with our project team and be responsible for developing and executing successful crowdfunding campaigns with a strong social impact. You will be responsible for managing the campaign from planning to execution, which includes supporting the campaign creation, proposing outreach strategies, and tracking and evaluating results.

We look forward to receiving your application soon at goteo.cc/advisor!

And you?

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😙Do you think that crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organization? Support us so that we can continue to disseminate our knowledge among initiatives that need financing and give a significant boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our campaign #Síguenoslacorriente and you can request a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding in your community.

See you in 15 days! 😜

That's all for now. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep moving towards the society for all that we are slowly approaching. See you next time!

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