💜 Eight thousand is not just any number. 8,000 years ago, women played a vital role in the development of primitive agriculture, also leaving testimony to the deeds of strong and powerful warrior women such as Ahilya in the Ramayana and Draupadi in the Mahabharata; Nearly 8,000 women participated in the "March on Versailles" on October 5, 1789 to demand freedom, equality and fraternity and in one of the almost 8,000 languages that are estimated to be currently spoken in the world, she was the first feminist in history, Mary Wollstonecraft, who exclaimed "I do not want women to have power over men but over themselves."

🤔 And here we are, again on the "International Day for the Social, Economic, Cultural and Political Achievements of Women around the World", without having yet achieved that goal. How many more years will have to pass, how many more women will have to march and in how many more languages will the inalienable right have to be demanded? Our position is to make indignation fuel to continue advancing, from the memory of the struggle an example to learn from mistakes and replicate the successes, from the women who inspire us as a flag and seed for all of us and the other women who will inspire us. .

📬 In this newsletter is our contribution today and always to transformative campaigns: an editorial project to take power and generate decent employment, a communication campaign carried out by women for women with addiction problems and a fictional short film that reflects on the difficulty of forging an identity of its own.

Woman Live Free 📚

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📚 The idea of this book was born from a personal project, which emerged a year ago, after the author recognized in her flesh the pain of living in a system where women continue to be mistreated, abused and disabled from resources or education to take their power and the place they deserve.

🗣️ The objective of this campaign is to make visible and minimize this widespread problem that, even today, affects a large percentage of women and also to generate decent employment in the development of said project.

👉 Support this triple impact project: Social, feminist and educational in goteo.cc/mujervivetelibre.

You Are Not Alone 🫂

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🫂 This is a communication campaign carried out by women for women with addiction problems in Almería, aimed at making known tools and solutions for the treatment and prevention of the growing problem of the use of legal drugs.

👁️Making the problem of addiction visible from a gender perspective and the associated problems is even more key when the pathology is dual (addiction and another mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety), where one is more vulnerable to gender-based violence and drug abuse by not finding other solutions.

✊Collaborate in the campaign to offer a comprehensive solution to mental health problems without resorting to drug abuse in goteo.cc/noestassola.

Mabel 🎭

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🎭 Mabel is a fiction short film that will be shot in June 2023 and that reflects on the difficulty of forging one's own identity without that other person we love, on emotional dependence after a relationship in which one was stuck, mixed up.

⏳ A tragedy with touches of situational comedy with which we can all feel identified. The story of a woman told by a woman and shot by a team made up mostly of women.

🎬 Promotes a feminist cinema in goteo.cc/mabel!

Present your project to the Channel Migrations!

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From our brand new Channel Migrations of Goteo.org we invite groups, organizations and individuals seeking to finance their projects on migration, anti-racism and recognition of rights for immigrants, to attend the workshop on crowdfunding that we have organized to publicize the keys to this form of financing.

In order to extend the crowdfunding tool to migrant organized spaces, we will provide free online training, where we will publicize the benefits of collective financing as a financial, ethical and participatory alternative for the promotion and continuity of initiatives with social commitment. . Sign up here!

The objective is that at the end of the session you will have the bases to start creating your own crowdfunding campaign and you will be able to understand some basic concepts on how to design communication strategies for your campaigns.

In addition, we invite the participating projects to present themselves in the 2023 call for the Migrations channel uploading to the platform, before April 22, the project that you want to finance, which will allow them to:

  • The inclusion of the initiative in the Migrations channel from day one, as a space for migrant visibility.
  • 1 hour of personalized advice in video call format
  • Special visibility of the campaign as part of the Migrations channel, on social networks and Goteo's fortnightly newsletter.

And you?

Imagen de la campaña Crowdfunding para la Economía Social y Solidaria

😙 Would you like to give a premium Goteo consultancy to a feminist, migrant or whatever project? Support us so we can continue to give more personalized attention to the people who drive the campaigns. With this donation we can give premium consulting time to the campaign of your choice. This means up to 2 hours of videoconference with one of our advisers to answer all your questions and have support in case you want to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

🙌 Enter and request a Premium Advisory via videoconference with one of our advisors at goteo.cc/siguenoslacorriente

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

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