🙌 Did you know that the words gesture, gestate and digestion all come from the Latin "gestus" meaning "carry or bring with you"? When gestating we carry a life in our womb, when [di]gesting we carry the ingested food to different parts of the body and in the gesture of each one we carry our state of mind. Thus, we could ask a friend we see with her head down, "What are you carrying, sister?" For this reason, on this occasion we want to [suggest] (take up) a request for greater awareness of the importance of observing gestures with their gestation and digestion in order to be more present with the needs of all and thus continue to support each other in doing so every day "a little better".

📬 In this newsletter there are three projects that we want to let you know about. A documentary about a pacifist organization in its process of creation, development and reflection; a research work on the rapprochement between species from equal rights; and a resilience initiative in the rural world where a weather disaster is an opportunity to improve working conditions. We leave you with them, we hope they inspire you.

"Gesture" documentary 🖐

🖐 In the documentary "Gesto" several members of the pacifist organization "Gesto por la Paz" recount this work through images of the past and interventions that reveal the principles and actions that they defended and carried out for 30 years. In this way, the viewer is invited to discover what Gesto por la Paz was and the validity of its essence.

🤝 The documentary has been selected by the Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival to compete in the Zinemira section and thus be eligible for the Irizar Basque Film Award, which is a great start.

👉Give it one last push to finish the final details, so that it doesn't remain in the museum archives and can be seen throughout the world, collaborating throughe goteo.cc/gestodocumental.

Book "Humans against nature" 🦍


🦍 The current situation of environmental crisis makes us question the traditional idea of ​​nature as an unlimited source of resources and energy. In its desire for profit as its main motivation, capitalism produces an extreme exploitation of most humans, of nature and therefore of fauna, which has broken the "metabolic" relationship between them.

🐴 The exploitation and suffering suffered by animals has been denounced by animal liberation movements as a moral prejudice based on an alleged "moral superiority" of human beings over other animals, a product of anthropocentrism. In this research work, the different theses of moral or metaphysical antispeciesism are exposed, which aim to end discrimination against animals and nature by granting them less value than humans, giving them moral value, personality or their own rights.

👉 Enter to better understand the proposal and support its publication in goteo.cc/humanoscontranaturaleza.

Mas Casas de Cruïlles Farm 🚜

Granja Mas Casas de Cruïlles 🚜

🚜 Mas Casas is a small family agricultural and livestock farm located in Cruïlles, in the Baix Empordà. Salvi and Anna are the third generation dedicated to raising sheep, for the sale of lamb meat and products derived from its milk and wool. Its mission is to produce healthy and natural foods that benefit people's well-being, respecting animals and the land to the maximum, applying the principles of regenerative agriculture and holistic herd management.

❄️ On August 30, a historic hailstorm in the Bisbal d'Empordà area damaged the facilities of the small agricultural and livestock farm. The asbestos roofing of the sheep pen, chicken coop, and barn that Grandpa put up when he started the family farm must be completely replaced to properly shelter the farm's animals and food.

👉 In this campaign you will be able to help them face this disaster to continue with the regenerative agriculture project, as well as definitively get rid of asbestos ceilings, a highly toxic mineral, prohibited since June 2002, in goteo.cc/granjamascasasdecruilles.

MatchArrelat 🏔

MatchArrelat 🏔

🏔 In the Pyrenees, they not only already know that another way of financing projects is possible, but after launching the 1st call a few months ago “Matchfunding Arrela’t” In the High Pyrenees and Aran, today we already have the 6 initiatives selected for the 2nd edition of this 2022. All of them will launch their crowdfunding campaign on October 18 and will have a doubling of the contributions received up to €4,000 per project.

i ️As a reminder: In this call for mixed collective financing, which we call Matchfunding, administrations complement the contributions made by citizens through micro-patronage, contributing one euro for each euro raised, thus multiplying the funds collected. In this 1st edition we thus have a public fund of €24,000 to activate a maximum of 6 projects with social return in the territory and that have been chosen by an independent jury, based on the bases.

Journal: Telling stories has great potential to build bridges between people 🌉


🗣 Telling stories is something that has great potential to build bridges between people, since it allows for the creation of an emotional bond and the establishment of common bases from which to promote collaboration between different communities. Stories connect us with social issues that often overwhelm us and, by making us connect with the experiences of other people and their motivations, they also make us acquire a much more complete vision of these problems.

👀 How can stories help us bring individual experiences to a collective dimension and help people understand what others' experiences are like?

😊 In order to address these challenges, at Fundación Platoniq we are committed to storytelling as a key element in the design of our methodology for CultureLabs, a project we have been working on for three years. CultureLabs creates resources to develop participatory processes with different communities, taking advantage of the richness of cultural heritage and our project organized four pilot initiatives in different regions of Europe, whose co-creation methodology we developed.

😉 If you want to find out how we did it, you can read the article ["Telling stories has great potential to build bridges between people"] (https://journal.platoniq.net/en/wilder-journal-1/blueprints/storytelling/) in Platoniq's Wilder Journal.

🤗 Congratulations to all the participating projects, here you can discover them all and continue supporting the generation of opportunities.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

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