🗞 Is it the news that makes the newspaper or the newspaper that makes the news? At the Foundation we asked ourselves this question, we reflected and this week we launched Wilder Journal: fanzine, electronic magazine and newspaper all-at-once. Its objective is to counterbalance so much pessimism and ditopia, publicizing projects that are already underway, offering solutions and alternatives for a just society. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it!

📬In this bulletin, therefore, we want to emphasize that although today's newspapers will fill tomorrow's bins, there are many projects that fight against neglect and current apathy to focus their efforts on carrying out actions with which there is less and less news related to violence Today we are talking about Sir[a] Center for Attention to Victims of Ill-treatment and Torture; Novact with its campaign to support the nonviolent defense of human rights in Ukraine; and Cura Sana, a short film project about mistreatment away from sensationalism. Join us.

Against torture, let's continue standing 🚶‍

Against torture, let's continue standing

🏠 Sir[a] is a Care Center for Victims of Ill-treatment and Torture, dedicated to offering therapeutic, legal and psychosocial support that, to date, has cared for and accompanied more than 750 people directly or indirectly affected by Human Rights violations.

💔 In most cases, these are people who have been survivors of ill-treatment and torture in detention centers, in protests, in armed conflicts or along their migration routes, among other scenarios.

✊ In just the last 5 years, as Amnesty International reports, cases of torture have been reported in more than 140 countries and it is in this scenario that they want to continue standing, reporting every abuse and every case of torture. Support them in goteo.cc/sigamosenpie!

Support for nonviolent defense of human rights in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Apoyo a defensa noviolenta de derechos humanos en Ucrania

🙋‍ The aggression directed by the Russian government on the Ukrainian population and the possibility of a military escalation with devastating consequences has the potential to push all of humanity towards disaster: increase military capabilities, despise resources, expand power and reach NATO and show indifference to the violation of human rights and the situation of millions of people.

🏗 This crowdfunding has two main objectives: To raise awareness and support Ukrainian organizations that strengthen community resilience and to provide financial support to the 5am Coalition, which brings together 16 human rights organizations that document and collect evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine.

👉 The driving team is Novact and it has been supporting human rights and peacebuilding movements for 20 years to achieve a society free of armed conflict and violence in all its dimensions, fundamentally based on human security and nonviolence as a strategy. of transformative action for a peaceful, just, dignified and equitable world. Discover his initiative in goteo.cc/novactucrania.

Cura Sana 💃

Cura Sana

📽 "Cura sana" deals with violence. Essentially, about mistreatment and how it affects your way of seeing the world and relating to the people around you when the violence goes beyond the blow.

👧 In this short film project and despite the harshness of the situation that the protagonists are experiencing, they want to show their life as it happens: with the good things, the bad and the bittersweet. A point of view on abuse away from sensationalism, pornographic exposure of violence, paternalism and re-victimization.

❤️ Its goal is to reach as many sectors of society as possible, carrying the universal message of love and care that is transmitted in it. Especially to those people who are most affected by gender violence, child violence and domestic violence, whose production you can make possible by collaborating in goteo.cc/curasana.

MatchMED! 🌊


🗓 This week we were able to celebrate the highly anticipated event "MatchMED: Let's multiply the impact of public-private funds through alternative finance in the Mediterranean!"

😊 The objective of the seminar was to bring together public and private actors from all over the Mediterranean with representatives of past and present crowdfunding platforms and campaign promoters to discuss the challenges and opportunities of matchfunding as a tool to finance sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

🌊 Did you miss it? Here you can recover the final session.

PiztuMETA2022! 🚀


🚀 As you know, PiztuMETA! is much more than a call to finance cultural projects: it is an opportunity to train and test each of the projects with their potential community or market, in the case of the most entrepreneurial projects. This is an added value that no other financing process has except for crowdfunding or crowdfunding. Especially at Goteo.org, where all the projects launched have a social impact mission and are supported by our advisory, support and marketing team.

😜 The deadline to submit projects is June 23 at 3:00 p.m. and we would love to receive yours at meta.goteo.org. You will have at your disposal and from the beginning a complete face-to-face or online training and personalized advice. That support is the main reason why the success rate in MetaKultura is 97%.

Journal, Journal, Journal 🗞

Journal, Journal, Journal

😮Have you seen it? It's both digital magazine, fanzine and Platoniq's "Wilder Journal"!🎉

🔥In its first edition we bring together experiences and we experiment in the first person with new ways to promote democracy: "The power of (mis)informing: a journey on the back of the homo vespertilio", "Democratic Funding: citizens choose their future. Limits and hopes in Participatory Budgeting and Matchfunding", "What role do cultural institutions play in the spread of disinformation?"... are some of the dozen articles that are waiting for you to read at your own pace.

🤗 Enter now and devour them in journal.platoniq.net!

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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