👁️🫀🫂 We could say that "observe, understand and act" are the key actions of what we call a full life. Surely you remember that time when you were not able to carry them out. It has happened to all of us. It's not nice.

👤🗣️👥 It is in those situations that we are not able to foresee, process or react when we can appreciate being a "social animal". It is in those moments where it is important to remember our ability to accompany (or be accompanied). To overcome those moments and move forward together (or stop or go back) towards a full life.

📬📬📬 In this newsletter we talk about projects that respond to war with self-organization, to the disconnection from our origins with tenderness, and learning difficulties with ingenuity and tenacity. Thank you, once again, for sharing initiatives that, in the face of nonsense, show us a new path.

Solidarity menus for Ukraine 🍲

Menús solidarios para Ucrania

🍲 They keep crossing the border. Just 40 days ago his life was totally different, but the war in his country, Ukraine, has forced millions of people to leave their homes behind.

🧳 They arrive with light luggage, scared and enduring the low temperatures of this time of year. Many of them have gone days without eating or eating what little they have been able to find along the way. And that is why the work of World Central Kitchen is so important, raising funds so that this organization can continue offering menus and hot food to all the people who are leaving the country due to the war. Can you help us to achieve it?

👉 Make your contribution in goteo.cc/ucraniawck.

Pantera Magazine 2022 🐆

Portada Juego Consortium

🐆 "It takes a town to raise a child", and it takes a town to create projects to green childhood. The children's environmental magazine PANTERA launches a crowdfunding process with the aim of promoting the first stone of the first project collaborative educational program that was born from the magazine, PANTERA COLAB.

🌱 This team of teachers, illustrators, editors, biologists, designers... with infinite passion and a clear mission: to connect nature with childhood, learning and life. Also return childhood to adults. At what point do we stop playing, wondering? At what point do we begin to act taking everything for granted? At what point do we stop looking at the beauty of those closest to us? At what point did we lose our judgment and disconnect?

🌳 If you also feel the importance and urgency of reconnecting, discover the project at goteo.cc/panteramagazine2022.

Easy Science 🧪

Portada Ciencia Fácil

The Easy Science magazine was born within the PDICIENCIA inclusive science project created by the Association of Relatives and Friends of People with Intellectual Disabilities (AFAMP). It is a pioneering project in Spain, which aims to achieve the full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through the communication of an inclusive and accessible scientific culture.

🤗 To date, 2 Easy Science digital magazines have been published, with a biannual character. They have been very well received both in the world of disability and in scientific communication and education.
For them, they want to continue working in this line, and with your support they will be able to continue adapting scientific news to easy reading and validated by people with intellectual disabilities, and thus be able to launch two other issues of this peculiar magazine.

💪 Become a co-disseminator on goteo.cc/pdiciencia.

Smiles 📚

Portada Smiles

Are you a teacher or librarian and are you worried about the lack of critical capacity of citizens? SMILES is a media literacy project that aims to help young people learn how to combat disinformation. The project, funded by the European Union, brings together entities from the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, including libraries, media literacy organizations and research institutes, with the aim of developing, testing and measuring the impact of an approach innovative educational tool to combat the spread of disinformation.

If you want, you can train to train new generations in the fight against #disinformation here and through this project, you will acquire tools, skills and knowledge to recognize and combat disinformation, and transfer this knowledge to young people between 12 and 15 years old through specialized workshops. Join the resistance!

The call is open until mid-May 2022, with 10 places for teachers and 10 places for library staff. Are you interested? Fill out this form and if you have any questions or queries you can write to facilita@platoniq.net.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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