🤗 There are those who say that we can ask ancient times about what is best, while modernity must be asked about what is most appropriate. This month we released a new channel and we spent a good time choosing the name. Paying homage to the origin seems to us as important as integrating the (not so) new concepts such as "feminisms" and "transfeminisms". What name would be the best or most appropriate? In the end we chose Feminisms Channel and we sincerely hope that you feel at home 💜

📬 In this newsletter we want to talk to you about three projects that fight to spread their messages: freedom to love, equal rights in political participation and working brotherhood. With your support they will be able to do so through a beautiful short film, a massive congress and an extensive documentary. Do you want to meet them? Let's go there!

No Nome Do Amor 💕

📽 No nome do amor is a short film in which we witness a definitive, unique moment. The contained love, the repressed and forbidden desire between the priest and the parishioner, comes to light and explodes free and captivating, after a beautiful liturgical song.

🌾 No nome do Amor wants to open a path on the great path that constitutes human evolution towards ways of life, futures, more beautiful and peaceful, more human and essential. Two people holding hands leaving conventions, confessions, expired commitments. Things must change and what better than each one, in her small field of action, provoke, effect and inevitably assume those changes.

😊 If you want to see this short come true, help co-finance it at goteo.cc/nonomedoamor.

Help XV Congress of the Communist Youth 🗳

📝Financing a congress of approximately 300 people is not an easy task, even more so after a pandemic in which it is very difficult to finance or self-finance, but the Union of Communist Youth of Spain has organized itself to achieve it.

✊ In this crowdfunding campaign they want to obtain the necessary resources to celebrate their XV Congress from April 14 to 17, 2022, where the organization will analyze the work carried out in the last 3 years since its last congress and will debate and agree on the new lines of work to advance in the recovery of social, labor, civil and political rights for youth and students.

😌 If you want to collaborate in moving forward the program of claims for youth fighting for the rights of all, go to goteo.cc/xvcongresoujce.

The Roca's Strike of 1976 🏭

🔥 Ateneu Llibertari de Viladecans wants to carry out a documentary based on the book "The great strike of the Rock. 95 days of struggle" by Jerónimo Casasola Del Pozo. In it they will recount the events that the workers of the Roca Radiadores factory experienced in 1976 and that lasted 95 days and where worker solidarity, mutual support, assemblies, struggle... were a hallmark of those days.

💪 The goal is to give voice and visibility to all the people who fought during those days: the struggle of the workers, mostly men; the way in which the wives of the workers and their families lived and organized themselves, the impact on the economy, the daily assemblies, the confinement in the church, the arrests, the police charges, the networks of worker solidarity that were created... and how this fight transcended the limits of the municipality, awakening the interest of artists of the time who approached Viladecans in a society marked by the end of the dictatorship.

👴 If you don't want to let such a feat fall into oblivion either, make your contribution in goteo.cc/huelgaroca.

Faltarà noti 1! 🚀

Faltarà noti 2! 🪴

Faltarà noti 3! 😲

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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