🤗 Yesterday in the office someone proposed to change the places where we usually sit... It was said and done! In an instant we moved, we were all still in the same shared space but all our perspectives and sensations were already very different.

📬 In this newsletter we want to talk to you about the order of things, about the right to claim the imagination to recover spaces and continue playing giving us the opportunity to transform our reality, sharing and exchanging thousands of points of view. Can you come with us?

The order of things ✨

🌿 The resistance to change, the importance of memory or how we decide to remember and how that constitutes us, are ideas that constantly go through us and will be staged in this work where we want to have the freedom and the means to search for the language that is most adjust to tell it, with your own text, movement, dance, audiovisuals... and even cooking on stage!

🎭 To carry it out, it will take a large and multidisciplinary team willing to start in sustainable economic conditions, because through the main character's journey there will be 6 bodies that will move on stage to accompany him on his adventure.

🎐 If you are also excited about this initiative, join the team and make it a reality at goteo.cc/elordendelascosas.

Reforestation Fire Ciudad Universitaria ⛰

🔥 Last July 2021, the grounds of "Ciudad Universitaria" adjacent to La Dehesa de la Villa park located northwest of the city of Madrid suffered a serious fire, burning a large number of trees and green areas. Due to the peculiarity of land use, its recovery has not yet been possible. CIDEC has managed to allow action in the area through this initiative.

🌱 The objective of this crowdfunding is to obtain sufficient funds to purchase the trees, the irrigation and the necessary tools to carry out the reforestation, as well as to organize the citizen volunteer days in which the trees will be planted.

💦 Join the challenge of not only reforesting the burned area, but also generating native Mediterranean forest for the residents of the park in goteo.cc/reforestacion.

Forest School Hegazti 🏡

🎓 Forest School HEGAZTI is a project of free and active education in nature that started with its first course in September 2020 in Viana (Navarra), just 9 kilometers from Logroño. At this time, there is no similar project in the lower Navarra area, nor in La Rioja.

🌳 This educational project was born from concerns and needs regarding education. A natural and respectful educational space with the rhythm of childhood was sought, and whose learning system was evolutionary and flexible, adapting to the interests and particularities of each one.

🦄 That magical place already exists, found and recreated, to be a free space to explore giving free rein to the imagination. Find out and support it, if you can, at**** goteo.cc/hegazti.

More than €1'5M of relief in social impact! 💸

🤗 Did you know that 6 out of 10 donors have already been able to deduct their contribution to campaigns from last year 2021? A total of 21,692 donors have presented and validated their certificate to request the refund of €1,736,535 to the Tax Agency.

🧮 In Goteo, getting wet deducts taxes and therefore your involvement and commitment to projects in Goteo allows for between 35% and 80% of the amount of your donation to be deducted. If you have already done it but you are not clear about the figures, you can calculate hereyour tax savings thanks to the tax improvement introduced in 2020 and you will be able to download your certificate from March 1 here.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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