🤔 "Educate the children and you will not have to punish the men" is a well-known sentence that seems to make all the sense in the world and that, however, has generated several doubts in the team: What kind of education are we talking about? Is there more than one? What kind of punishment? Will there be a restorative alternative? As you can see, a new year begins and here we continue with many more questions than answers, always ready to continue unlearning.

📬 In this newsletter you will learn about three learning experiences that want to reach you in very different ways: a theatrical project about the life of Rufina, an intersex woman born shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, read as a man according to the education of the time and forced to lock herself at home in her early twenties; the short film "Noa e Lúa", where two friends face at different speeds the passage from childhood to adulthood, as raw as it is natural; and Escola Natura, a multicultural education project with Montessori and Forest-school methodology where climate action and gender equality co-education are basic pillars.

Tilindula ✨

🌿 "All Saints' Day in Extremadura, 1989. Rufina and her niece Trinidad will drive around their town, a place that Rufina has not seen for thirty years, since she has not left home for thirty years ".

🎭 Thus begins the play created after a process of investigation through the family of the protagonist and intersex people, "Tilindula; Memories of an invisible woman". This theatrical project aims to make visible the reality of the group in times where the difference was punished with social isolation, finding worrying parallels with our current historical moment.

⛏ According to experts in the field, between 0.05% and 1.7% of the population is born with intersex traits; the percentage representing the upper threshold is similar to the number of people with red hair. However, to this day, intersex is still one of the letters of the LGTBIQ + collective that is more invisible and pathologized. Today, even in politics, gender identity is discussed in terms of sentiment or choice, rather than essence. Today, the numbers of violence against diversity do not stop growing.

🌼 You can learn more about its members and support this campaign at goteo.cc/tilindula.

Noa e Lúa 🌅 

👧 Noa e Lúa is a story about maturity that presents us with two very different girls united by the need to feel free from the pressure of this adult world by their families, so they use the cove as a means of escape, a space in which they can be themselves, without worries or rules. The arrival of the rule destabilizes this reality that they have built and presents itself as a threat to Noa, who fears that Lúa will begin to change and become an adult who will stop wanting to play.

🏝 Before this stage, the girls begin to be aware of the passing of time and the changes that this entails. In the same way, the death of their grandmother and Lúa's illness will bring this crude but natural question closer to them.

🎥 If you consider cinema essential as part of culture and also believe that it can be a vehicle to protect regional languages, as in this case is Galician, help to co-finance this short film in goteo.cc/noaelua.

Escola Natura Creix! 🏡

🎓 Escola Natura was born in 2019 as a trilingual educational project aimed at children from 1 to 12 years old, with an innovative and personalized methodology, centered on the person and respecting their forms and learning processes.

🌳 They are the first project in Catalonia that combines Montessori and Forest-school methodologies, with more than 70 multicultural families from all social areas. After 3 years from the beginning of Natura and in the search to relocate the school, they have had the great luck to find a building that meets all the legal requirements to be able to homologate the school and allows them to continue with the same pedagogical approach.

❤️Join the motivation, enthusiasm and emotion of this space where to grow and develop with confidence, honesty and respect in goteo.cc/naturacreix.

συγχαρητήρια! 🚀

🐳 Or what is the same "Congratulations!" to Action for Wildlife and Galikos, the two Greek projects launched in the BlueCrowd call and which managed to reach their funding goal thanks to the support of the community.

🦩More than € 13,000 raised to be used to continue promoting the active care of more than 2000 birds, small mammals and reptiles per year in the Ionian Islands as well as restoring access to the Galikos delta, returning to the public an area of great ecological value .

🤩 We hope that this year there will be many more projects from many more regions that will join the initiative, which you can learn more about in the BlueCrowd Channel.

Improve your neighborhood! Live Participatory Urbanism 😜🪴

😲 This past Tuesday we held a meeting to share innovative experiences in participatory urbanism and it was very-very interesting!

🗳 In it, we analyze inspiring processes such as that of BCN Regional for the definition of the beach model, various Goteo campaigns and the European Open Heritage project together with the participatory budgets of Barcelona.

🎁 Take a look at the post where we summarize the best of each intervention by urban expert Luisa Pinto Rodríguez from the PEMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan) together with David, Javi, Nadia and Pau from the Platoniq team.

ℹ️ Ah! This meeting was an activity that is part of the Cosmopolis (TEAM4TEAMs) project, within the Erasmus + YouthNews to implement an exchange of knowledge and experiences between related organizations from Spain, Turkey and France. Supported by MitOst, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Medya Araştırmaları Derneği y Stiftung Mercator. More info here.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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