🌞 After confinement in a beautiful and fleeting spring, we open a summer full of hope. Although well-known is the phrase "Winter is Coming" (winter will come) to talk about what is discouraging to come ... it is not so discouraging and we want to share with you another reflection written by the same author: "Summer will end soon, as well as childhood. "

📬 In this newsletter we want to look at this present, the only temporary space where we can act and be happy. We want to encourage you to connect with childhood. With yours that you still keep and with the rest, especially those of those little people who release it. Today we bring three projects: a collective of pedagogical self-management, a cooperative that understands play as a tool for individual and collective development and, finally, a school of living education. We also tell you about our participation in a European community management project and we celebrate the start of the 5th MetaKultura Call, with the same enthusiasm that the first one woke us up. We hope you enjoy it and inspire you.

La Pinya 🍍

💚 La Pinya It is a pedagogical self-management collective made up of creatures, mothers, fathers, companions and collaborators with the intention of reappropriating the upbringing from a community and transformative perspective. Likewise, it is also a meeting point for families and people interested in creating other pedagogical models, which allows weaving links of mutual support and collectively face the challenges of living upbringing from critical perspectives on hegemonic models.

☔️ Due to the situation generated by COVID-19 they have not been able to carry out the self-management they had planned and they are in difficulties to repair the recent leaks in the building, which have deteriorated walls, ceilings, and part of the material used by the little.

👉 If you also believe in free education, you can help out by collaborating with La Pinya

La Factoría Lúdica 🎲

🎨 La Factoría Lúdica is a node of the Cooperativa Actyva that understands the game as a tool for the development of individuals and groups. For years it has been the center of its projects and activities. The current health crisis has cut off all recreational and educational activities in schools, community spaces, public places and has caused the closure of the ludoLAB coworking space.

👦🏻 Their desire is to continue making the innovation with which they work available to everyone, implementing active learning methodologies within the conventional educational system.

👉 Give them a hand in La Factoría Lúdica

Teal Girafa 🦒

🏡 El Planter is a self-managed living education project, focused on the fullness and happiness of people. It is an educational proposal for the secondary stage, which focuses on meaningful learning, based on the internal motivation of boys and girls.

🦉 The 2020-21 academic year should be the year of its consolidation and with the arrival of more young people, they would have reached the minimum necessary for the project's self-sustainability, but the crisis has generated a change in both the economic situation of the families in their community and of those who were going to join. More than 85% of the proceeds from this campaign will go to scholarships so that young people can follow this path. The rest of donations will go to share their process with the world.

👉 Make the project possible in Teal Girafa

Crowdfunding para la gestión comunitaria 🏣

Can you imagine an abandoned industrial area where residents want to turn it into a community school? Think of a park frequented by young people, small organic producers and a group of older people. Can you imagine that these groups can make decisions about this space that they use every day? This image is from LaFábrikadeTodaLaVida, project co-financed in this campaign in Goteo and recognized by OpenHeritage as a model of social heritage management in Europe.

OpenHeritatge investigates how to use participatory processes in the management of cultural heritage and involve local communities in decision-making processes and implementation of new uses of buildings or areas with historical or cultural value.

This coming Thursday Goteo will offer the webinar called "Sparking Participation with Alternative Funding" where he will try to contribute his experience to the success of this powerful initiative. More information in OpenHeritage.

First PiztuMeta2020 Workshop!

Finally we celebrate the first #PiztuMeta2020 workshop! It was this past June 23 and we already had the joy of starting to know the proposals for this year.

Many are recommended by previous promoters and some of them have just met us this call. So there is still a lot of work to do to get this magnificent proposal across.

If you want to help us, you can share with your contacts this image of the next workshop on July 2, as well as the links to all the information and the registration form. What better way to start the summer than to help boost the ideas of your loved ones? Let's go there!

Info: https://www.goteo.org/workshop/47
Inscription: https://goteo.cc/formacionmeta2020

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!