🤗 Everything is possible with the constant fight, with the mobilizations and the push of many people!

📬 This start of the year newsletter goes for all those people who don't give up. It goes to those who organize to face the gentrification of their neighborhoods, keep alive the necessary historical memory to understand the society in which we live and generate new documents to continue advancing in democracy. Happy start of the year 2020 to all!

Anna Povo 🤲

🤲 This small Barcelona fashion atelier wants to reinvent its project to make it more sustainable, collaborative and keep improving day by day. The current situation of the Born district forces them to close the store, but they will not give up, so they move to transform and open their space for young designers who start as well as launch online stores.

🧵 This new space, the shop-workshop, will host a variety of utilities for many people without paying anything in return or arranging modest exchanges. Other entrepreneurs who are starting may use the workshop to start their own production and can weave alternatives in the most enriching, versatile and social way.

❤ Enter and be part of this initiative in Anna Povo.

Margalida 👩

🎥 This creative documentary project was born from the mystery of a key song in the anti-Franco struggle of the 70s in Spain. The song is titled ‘A Margalida’ by Joan Isaac and talks about a missing woman. The lyrics say ‘I don't know where you are, Margalida’, but ... who is Margalida?

🌼 Margalida Bover was the lover of Salvador Puig Antich, the young anarchist known for being the last condemned to death by garrote vile during Franco's dictatorship. He was 24 years old and she was 21. In this initiative we go to search for Margalida, who is no longer lost, is in Mallorca and is 66 years old. She has been missing for a long time and now she wants to talk.

❤ Make your contribution to become a co-producer of this fascinating documentary in Margalida.

Febrero Republicano ✊

❤️ Febrero Republicano is, fundamentally, a celebration of democratic values and a celebration of freedom. A meeting to triute republicanism with university conferences at the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Seville to approach the knowledge of the very unknown First Republic and its contributions to the deep understanding of our diversity and problems.

💛 Its distinctive feature is to be the only homage made in our country for the Spanish lay republicanism of the nineteenth century.

💜 You can promote secular republicanism among citizens with your contribution to Republican February

Democratic Footprint 🏛️

As you may have checked in our blog, after reading articles like Historical memory as a common good, The emptied Spain and its fires o Rural Development, At Fundación Goteo we take very seriously the values that support ecology, democracy and healthy society as a whole.

Aims such as Gender Equality, Education or Aggressive Development are vital for us and we refer to them when we talk about #SocialFootprint, #EcologicalFootprint and #DemocraticFootprint in our social networks and reports.

Thus we celebrate each small advance, inviting you to participate supporting the initiatives that you can find in our platform and always encouraging you to promote new projects to be part of the change. Your energy is the engine of all this! Therefore, with tireless energy, here you will have us defending rights and putting life at the center.

See you around in fifteen days!