🏭 This past Sunday, December 19, MatchImpulsa ended, the Càtedra Oberta initiative promoted on November 11 to collectively finance the activity of a dozen projects of Barcelona for digital platformization with free software and a feminist and commons approach.

😌 With the support and co-financing of the UOC programme, Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa, this leap forward in Barcelona's social, solidarity and collaborative economy seeks to strengthen platform cooperativism by amplifying its scope and opportunities and contributing to the well-being of people and the right to the city.

ℹ️ In this first call we can be very satisfied, since it has been verified that this formula continues to work at full capacity as a co-responsible support tool, and has served for citizens to show their support for this initiative.

Here we share some figures...👇👇

After the single round of financing, this edition ended with more than positive results:

  • 8 successfully funded projects.
  • Total collection of €125,312, of which €40,312 corresponding to the "Crowd" (amount donated by citizens) and 85,000 € from "Match " (provided by MatchImpulsa), which accounted for 68% of the total funds raised by the 8 campaigns.

It is interesting to point out that matchfunding programs are calls to promote projects or organizations through financial aid according to the criteria defined by the collaborating public and private institutions. The beneficiaries must go through a crowdfunding campaign and a training program to validate the interest of the public and the viability of the proposal. Based on the success of the campaign, financial aid from the collaboration agreement with the collaborating public or private entity is also added.

With the purpose of boosting the collection of the projects and also continuing to foster cooperation between them, gamification was activated twice throughout the campaign, where for 24 hours the ratio of €1 to €1 varied and the multiplication, in instead of 2, it was 3. That is, if a person contributed €100 to a project, MatchImpulsa added €200, for a total of €300 per project.

Also note that since there is a project that unfortunately did not achieve its minimum objective and, on the other hand, another plaza project that was not covered, some of the campaigns did not either. they managed to use up the €8,500 bag that MatchImpulsa made available to them, once the campaigns were over, this remainder was distributed among the 8 projects, taking into account the number of donors reached and the funds raised.

We remind you that this innovative program was born as a response to covid-19 to promote and scale SSE and collaborative initiatives in Barcelona, reinforce the creation of local networks, international projection, the gender perspective and the adaptation of equality plans in the digital environments of companies and organizations.

MatchImpulsa is developed through 3 strategic lines and 9 subprograms:

1) Platformization of companies, with the programs MatchImpulsa +100 (adaptation), MatchImpulsa 20 (acceleration) and MatchImpulsa 10 (prototyping), where the participating entities can be trained and receive support in the concretion and production of their platform prototype;

2) Strategic collaborations with MatchTech, MatchIgualtat and MatchUniversitat, to create bridges between participating companies and technology companies, research and services to develop equality measures and plans.

3) Creation and maintenance of the strategic ecosystems of Barcelona BarCola, ecosystem of the collaborative economy and commons; Digista, an ecosystem of the digital economy intensive in feminisms, and Digital Agroecology, an ecosystem of the agroecological fabric and sustainable food.

Once the Matchimpulsa call ended, we proceeded to publish two datasets referring to projects and donations that can be consulted in the following article. With this publication we seek to continue with our open data culture, producing data that can be useful to researchers, developers or any other person interested in analyzing the impact of such an innovative matchfunding call as MatchImpulsa.

We hope that this crowdfunding campaign has given a significant boost to the program and we will be here for future editions. Let's go for it!