As you will have notice, Goteo is becoming more and more rural 🐌, with many projects committed with food sovereignty, the ecological transition, repopulation and the strong conviction that the taking care of the land is key for our present and future. Though the people 👩🏻‍🌾 working in the rural environment always have it more uphill than the rest: abandoned areas, no access to public or private investment, an increasingly scarce population... We invite you to meet some of the most recent initiatives, projects that are worth knowing, spreading, and why not, visiting. A New Year's resolution?

  • 🥗 Hortigas Agroecologic Cooperative, dedicated to the production of vegetables, promotes social transformation in the area of ​​Granada through the cultivation of orchards, barter and mutual support groups. They are seeking support to distribute their production!

  • 🐝 Etxebarria Baserria is a self-managed collective from Bizkaia, which in 2010 recovered a farmhouse for the cultivation of vegetables, beekeeping and the artisan production of bread. Food sovereignty is the main axis of their project, and they need your support to build a new bread oven and ensure the sustainability of their project.

  • 🐂 "La casa Vieya” Cheese Obrador, the project of a family from Asturias to make a living pastoring in the Picos de Europa and achieve the first certificated Gamoneu ecological cheese. You can taste the excellent Gamoneu and have a walk in their pastures with just a donation of 25 euros.

  • 🏞 The recovery of Iscles, an abandoned village in the province of Huesca, where the new inhabitants have been working tirelessly to recover homes, gain access to water, live on the harvest and the animals and, as they say, celebrate and live together. The town grows and their next project is a school for the little ones 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻, this is reversing demographic trends!