🏠 What we feared happened and we are again with our souls in suspense in this uncertainty that exhausts the nerves and, possibly, puts you to the point of believing that nothing is worth it anymore. However, if you look up, you will see hundreds of people who continue to fight for our rights, a few dozen who believe in justice and mobilize, and even a single person (How many does it take to start a revolution?) The blanket at the head and begins a journey to connect with the wisdom of those who have lived the longest in this world.

📬 In this newsletter you will see that what you have just read is not an abstract idea, it is 3 of the more than 80 projects that are now underway on our platform. Of those three we want to tell you today about their proposal, their dream and their invitation to be part of it. As always, we wish you the best, be excited about this projects and continue to support a better society for all.

Impunity at Trial ⚖️

☎️ Irídia was born from the commitment of a group of people to social justice in 2015. From the desire to create a collective tool to defend human rights in Catalonia in the face of a complex and turbulent social scenario.

👥 Irídia is financed through the contributions of members and donations, public funding and through private foundations. The aim is to be able to become mainly dependent on partners. That is why through this micro-patronage they offer you as a reward to become members of Irídia, among other things. There are now 1000 members but they need to be many more to remain a collective tool created by and for the citizens!

👩🏻‍ The money raised will fund a lawyer who will monitor cases of deprivation of liberty, a lawyer from the specialized care service in the case of October 1 and
a technique that will attend to requests that enter the service and coordinate the first visits with the psycho-legal team. To become a member and collaborate today, join Impunity at Trial

SasAbsolution 💪

🔗 On Tuesday 11 December 2018 at around 12 noon, while Adrian Sas was walking with his father through Vilafranca del Penedès, six Mossos d'Esquadra plainclothes agents arrested him and took him to the police station. , where he was detained for 24 hours until he testified in court. Adrián suspected that he had been following him for days and it was later confirmed that they had been following him since the end of October.

🗳 Arrested as part of the investigation into the protests of the first anniversary of October 1. Now, he is accused of public disorder, assault on authority and injury. The trial will take place on November 17, 2020, and both the prosecution, which is asking for 7 years in prison, and the Generalitat, which is asking for 5 and a half, will be charged.

✊ The objectives of this project are to raise money to cover court costs, create a network of solidarity to defend the rights of all and achieve their acquittal. Get to know the case on your networks and collaborate with SasAbsolution

Radio Caravana Extremadura 🚌

🎤 Radio Caravana Extremadura is a project about the communication we live in, surrounded by false news and perverse interpretations of reality, in which a small 15w radio station, enough for any town in Extremadura, installed inside a caravan, will change location every 3-4 days to collect the impressions, reflections and popular knowledge of the neighbors of our rural world, in order to give them a voice and preserve that popular wisdom they possess.

👴 They will contact local social groups to invite them to participate and with those personalities who stand out for some specific quality in the locality, giving special relevance to groups that dedicate themselves to working in the conservation of customs and, above all, of the Extremadura language .

😊 The idea is to collect above all the popular wisdom of the elderly and record all that oral tradition so that it lasts over time. A web portal will be launched in which all podcasts will be posted so that in the year 2100 they continue to know how people lived in the previous century. If you are passionate about the proposal and want to know their beliefs, their customs, their traditions, their songs, their recipes, their crops, their festivals, their ways of sowing and harvesting ... Make your contribution now atRadio Caravana Extremadura

Canal Fic 🌐

👤 Today we celebrate the success of the First Edition of CanalFIC!, an initiative that makes € 8,000 available to finance ideas and cultural projects promoted by Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica of Creació i Center d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (FiC) and ICUB, in collaboration with Fundación Goteo.

👥 This call uses a form of citizen participation, called matchfunding, which is inspired by participatory budgets and crowdfunding (collective financing), putting the Barcelona population in the focus of promoting and supporting cultural initiatives, through the Goteo platform , with the institutional support of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB).

✌ Two cultural projects located and promoted by FIC residents participated, with a short animation and a dj piano set so brutal that the contributions arrived very agile, achieving their financing objective.

🙏 For this reason, we thank you once again for your trust in the platform, we encourage you to present your project and contact us to propose a next matchfunding with your city council, private entity or company.

Decent work and economic growth 🚀

🖐 "What is culture and what is it for?" This past Wednesday the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico organized a meeting between the cultural manager Julieta Giménez Cacho and our co-founder Susana Noguero on SDG number 8 "Decent work and economic growth" where we established a dialogue between Mexico City and Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

🖥 We recommend viewing it here, with special mention of the current situation where it is necessary to reflect on the changes worldwide caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic that especially affect the practice of the cultural sector and how to help from our cultural projects.

FESC2020 ✊

😊 This year's FESC (October 23-November 22) (the 9th) is in the middle of a pandemic that has shaken normalcy. The Fira de l'Economia Solidària de Catalunya adapts to current times and vindicates with the motto "We want FESC air", once again, its transformative role and the promotion of another normality where people and the quality of life are at the heart of the economy, accessible this time through a web portal.

👏 With more than 180 registered entities and 60 activities during the month of the Social and Solidarity Economy, the fair is promoted by the working committee of the Solidarity Economy Network, made up of members of various entities and some individual members. From this plenary hang several commissions and people working to coordinate all the work to be done: people management, in charge of all the volunteers who participate in a conventional fair; communication; logistics; cultural activities; content commission…

👍 As every year, Fundació Goteo participates not only as exhibitors in the section on Financing and Social Currency but also with a presentation, this time of the CrowdCoop tool .org on November 19 at 6:30 p.m. Here you can find out in detail, along with other activities.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!