🌐 This week we celebrate in Barceona, together with Platoniq and many other organizations, #DecidimFest2019 (29-31 de octubre). Three days of presentations, debates, workshops and installations on the threats of datacracy and surveillance capitalism as well as the rise of the digital extreme right. Special importance will be given to the power of cyberfeminism and network sorority in the need for a democratic ecological transition in the face of the climate crisis, free software and open knowledge. With the promise of the democratization of platforms, data and artificial intelligence, we will try to share our knowledge to boost participation in multiple cities and intervene on all these fronts of struggle in the network society.

📬 In this newsletter we want to highlight those initiatives, large and small, that join forces in each of its different fields to form critical awareness and strengthen the democratic and technological dimensions in these struggles and are an inspiration and hope to improve our rights in this challenging reality.

Pop your Debt 🌐

🎈 From Pop your Debt they propose a space to think and debate how debt works and its oppressive mechanisms and how it directly affects us. A space to learn how debt can be managed in a transparent, democratic and participatory manner, and how we can avoid paying a debt that we do not consider fair.

💻💻 They believe that the only way to achieve greater transparency and responsible debt management is through a compact population, capable of making specific decisions about their economy. To this end, the Citizen Audit, as a tool for citizen democratic financial control, allows us to reach that collective awareness necessary to progress towards a more democratic, sustainable and people-centered economy.

⚖ If you also believe in the power to inform and connect citizens to act together and achieve a better economic system that puts people at the center, participate in the campaign Prick your Debt

Breaking Technology Barriers 🤖

🤲 Aula Cultural is a non-profit and social initiative association that for 30 years has continuously trained adults in Mallorca, always with the perspective of achieving personal autonomy through empowerment in current technologies and active participation in society.

🎏 This space, which is both physical and mental, horizontally and critically accompanies especially disadvantaged people, in their need for mastery of new computer tools and the adaptation of the space to continue developing the capabilities of their users, where they feel valued and respected, favoring the elimination of the barriers that once prevented them from training.

💪 You can reduce inequality and overcome its training barriers by contributing to Breaking Barriers

SOS MAR MENOR: fight for a sea with a future 📣

🌊 The Mar Menor is a unique ecosystem in Europe. It is a salty lagoon of high ecological value, where unique species are found and that their disappearance would mean their extinction. At the moment it is on the verge of collapse. Its disappearance would mean the loss of the jewel of tourism in the Region of Murcia, and the consequent socio-economic impact for the area.

🙋‍♀ This campaign is already finished being a great success. And it's just that what we mean when we talk about #crowdvocacy. With this first #crowdfunding campaign, the necessary capital is gathered to bring citizens together in a common cause, draw their attention to the seriousness of the matter and gather resources so that this collective cause, at every step, is trained to achieve an objective higher. From manifestation to political action and the demand for responsibilities, as it already happened with successful 15MpaRato.

✊ If you feel related to the objective of financing measures aimed at achieving a comprehensive plan for the Mar Menor, join SOS Mar Menor

A grain of sand in the desert

A very popular poem by Joan Brossa begins saying that "people don't realize the power they have...".

In Fundación Goteo we strive day after day to be your speaker and to show the capacity of the sum of your many wills. Your projects are proof of that hope and the success of each of them is the success of our diverse society. Thank you very much for making us trust.

See you in fifteen days. Until next time!