At Goteo Fundation we believe that education is not "a preparation for life" but it is life itself. We are always learning and the great goal of education is not knowledge, but action.

Therefore, during this summer, when schools, institutes and universities take a break, we want to show you those projects that have applied this way of understanding education and those people who are contributing to the society through their activism.

MusicAula Kenya Mission 🥁👧

Thanks to the initiative "MusicAula - Missió Kenia" a public school in Kithunthi (Kenya) will be built, through micro-economy school projects together with cultural productions of the local community, as well as the cooperative and commercial associative network of proximity.

The initiative aims to finance the construction of a new public school in Kithunthi through pedagogical innovation projects where music, plastics, literature and arts have developed Service-Learning processes to achieve the objectives of the international cooperation project.

Click at, be part of this project and give early childhood a chance.

SummerCamp MASI 2019 👦🌞

"Creating and building together", "helping to be a better person", "collaborating with the others"... are some of the lessons a lot of adolescents from the Latin District, in Madrid, have learnt after attending the MASI association workshops (Social Support Monitors for Children). This project has been defending Children's Rights for 20 years, by accompanying boys and girls in their formal education and their emotional growth to become active and critical people exercising their rights.

Summer Camp is an opportunity to enjoy a different summer for 45 children and adolescents from the Caño Roto neighborhood, in Madrid, between 6 and 17 years old: fifteen days of holidays living together, playing and sharing with the group of educators who have accompanied them during their learning process started last September.

Click at and make your contribution to the celebration of this 20th anniversary. 😙🎉

The social return of education 👩🔬

If as children we were not given answers to remember 😓 but problems to solve 🤔... it is very likely that, as adults, we want to continue researching ☺❤🔭. Well, IGEM is the largest existing biotechnological entrepreneurship competition, with a representation of more than 362 universities from countries around the world. In Spain the representation is scarce, with only 4 teams (two of them university) compared to the 10 teams other European countries use to present.

These two university teams are currently running their Goteo campaign, so we would like you to know their research line by access their project page.

👉 "Biosensors using molecular biology" is the proposal of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), which aims to go further with this alredy employed branch, for example, in the early diagnosis of diabetes, one of the main causes of death and inability today in the world, through the control of blood glucose level.

Click at to improve the quality of life of people suffering these diseases.

👉 "AEGIS: Biotechnology in the fight against cholera" is the proposal of the multidisciplinary university team, consisting of 13 students from the four most relevant universities in the Community of Madrid. They want to design a biosensor for the early detection of Infectious water diseases, in order to maximize the positive impact, while intervening in a responsible, informed, respectful and effective way.

Click at to help decreasing the number of victims of infectious water-borne diseases.

Keep feeding your curiosity! 😜✨

Without curiosity we lose our reflection, both cultural and personal knowledge are not possible, nor is there any possibility of knowing, of reaching the end of something.

So, during these hard times, curiosity overcomes fear more easily than courage and many people find constant happiness there.

Therefore, we hope that this newsletter has stimulated you, we wish you a very bright curiosity and we hope to meet you again soon.

See you next time! 😉👋