At Goteo we know that there are many types or concepts of family. And we are convinced that all are valid, as a basic unit of social life, to educate children in happiness. So, to celebrate this day, we want to let you know some projects that contribute their bit to achieve this goal for all. You will love them!

Campaigning now!

We can start, of course, for the defense of human rights and freedom of decision on the own body of each member of the family, so we present you Parir en libertad: Mi cuerpo, mi parto, mi decisión, the campaign that was born after the court order of arrest and hospital transfer of a pregnant woman, who wanted to give birth at home, to submit her to a labor induction with caesarean section. The objective is to co-finance legal defense and promote social action to defend the rights of all pregnant women.

On the journey to maturity, a safe and nutritious environment is important. An exemplary place is El Roser, a living and active learning community for children from 3 years of age and of which all the collective of families and professionals. They started in 2011 and now, 8 years later and with all this accumulated experience, they want to give continuity to the project by adjusting to the Primary school requirements. For this, it is necessary to expand the school and homologate it. The construction of the multipurpose room will, at the same time, also open up to the closest environment and offer it for community uses to collectives and entities that want to influence the global transformation of society.

However, we know that some sociopolitical contexts are complex, and the situation forces the migration of people, some of them still in the maturity stage. Thus, we think it is very important to promote initiatives such as Project HELMA aims to develop a social documentary about young people who risk their lives from Morocco to Spain. The HELMA project (Dream) intends to bring together the educational community in the field of social education and social work, developing a task related to young people who migrate alone to Europe. This documentary aims to be a reference in the community and university. The method is based on the premise "YOUNG PEOPLE WHO INTERVIEW YOUNG PEOPLE", thus generating a documentary that serves as a tool for social transformation.

By the other hand, the educational community and the families themselves can team up to cooperate in favor of the community, as is the case of El Eco-Comedor ecological award from the Public School Gómez Moreno, located in the Albaicín de Granada (Spain), which is going through a bad economic time. After 16 years of self-management on the part of the families, the management of the same went out to public competition and a multinational catering company got the award with a drop of 11% of the price offered (€ 3.64 per menu). This past April the families recovered their management after an intense struggle, but had to take on the reduction with which the catering company won the contest. For this reason, they need financial support to be able to continue with the project. The dining room, in addition to being integrated into the educational process of the center, is consciously and engaged in the teaching-learning process as a classroom in which skills and values ​​that have a direct reflection on health are acquired (brushing of teeth), in the conscience (weekly napkin of fabric against the use of paper) and in coexistence (posture, behavior, attitudes), in addition to knowing and learning to enjoy products and recipes of the most traditional and healthy cuisine, with abundant presence of vegetables and fresh products.

Alavida started as a dream and has come true. Four years ago they embarked on the path of homologation; Since then they have made great efforts to comply with Spanish regulations and this has involved innumerable adjustments and several reforms. Now the Community of Madrid requires the construction of a gym as a final requirement for Alavida is definitely a homologated school. They need your help so that Alavida can still stand and continue to grow; so that this educational experience so valuable and hopeful does not disappear.

Without further ado, we wish you a happy day and a lot of love. Also many years of enjoying the company of the people found and chosen to carry out a common project, who accept you as you are and put on your face, every day, a smile 😊